What Is Gamma Ray Spectrometry?

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What Is Gamma Ray Spectrometry?

Gamma ray spectrometry is the measurement of natural radiation, gamma rays, emitted by mineral- and rock-bound elements such as Potassium, Uranium and Thorium. Radiometric surveys are used to detect and measure the gamma rays emitted by the top few centimeters of soil or rock.

Airborne Radiometric Surveys

Airborne radiometric surveys are completed using small aircraft equipped with specialized sensors. Precision airborne gamma ray spectrometry involves the use of digitally enhanced radiometric crystals which are typically housed in packs of four or five crystals.  Today‚Äôs crystal packs are self-stabilizing and typically record a minimum of 256 channels of data.  Meteorological conditions, topography of the area as well as the speed of the aircraft and the relative height of the sensor above ground all play important roles in the effective measurement of gamma ray levels for a specific area.
Choosing an experienced and respected geophysical survey company to execute airborne radiometric surveys is the best way to ensure that the data acquired is as precise and accurate as possible. Radiometric surveys are often flown simultaneously with aeromagnetics and electromagnetics, providing a highly detailed geophysical picture of a survey area.  These companies have the aircraft, technology and experience necessary to plan and execute different types of airborne surveys (aeromagnetic, etc.) that provide thorough data collection, which can be used for comprehensive geophysical mapping of geological structure.

Who Benefits from Gamma Ray Spectrometry?

Junior mining and mineral exploration companies are the major beneficiaries of advances in the field of gamma ray spectrometry. Airborne radiometric surveys are a primary method of prospecting for naturally radioactive elements. Governments and environmental agencies also take advantage of this technology in order to identify the presence of these elements for radiation audits. Gamma ray spectrometry is also used by many companies and organizations interested in acquiring data for lithological mapping. 
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